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Touch of Hope Counseling

Touch of Hope Counseling at IGH

Touch of Hope Counseling was initially established to treat depression in Senior Citizens. Now patients less than 65 years of age can also be evaluated. As people experience advancing age, many events occur that alter the quality of life. Senior citizens more than any other age group can experience the symptoms of depression caused by the death of a loved one, failing health or financial changes.

Depression is a very treatable illness. Sadly, older adults with depression often go untreated. The signs and symptoms of depression are not always recognized by family, friends or even professionals. Depression can increase the experience of pain. Pain can increase depression. Depression is the most common cause of forgetfulness, confusion and disorientation in older adults. Too often these symptoms are attributed to age and are not treated. Recognizing this fact, Iraan General Hospital maintains Touch of Hope Counseling.

For a free evaluation and more information, please contact us at Counseling or 432-639-2575 ext. 420 or 522.

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