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Business Office

Caring For the Lives We Touch

The business office is comprised of multiple areas: Admissions, Insurance Verification, Eligibility, Billing, Customer Service, Collections, and Financial Assistance: Charity and Indigent Programs.

Business Office hours are:

Monday 8:00 AM -7:00 PM-
Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Closed holidays

For Customer Service please call the Admissions Office (432) 639-2575 and your call will be re-directed to the appropriate department representative.

Physician services rendered in the hospital, in conjunction with medical hospital services, are billed by Iraan General Hospital. Other specialty services will be billed directly by the providers. Although these services are in conjunction with your treatment at the hospital, the physicians providing these services are not employed by the hospital and bill privately.

When You Call the Business Office

Please have your account number or guarantor number handy. Due to HIPPA Privacy Laws, we cannot discuss a patient's medical or financial information without the patient's permission. Permission may be granted in writing or in person verbally. Therefore, if you don't have a current statement on hand, we will need to identify you as the person on the account.

Who to contact:

Revenue Cycle Manager - Nelia Hernandez
Admissions- Ruby DeHoyos/Naomi Espinosa
Insurance - Nelia Hernandez/Cindy Morris
Collections - Naomi Espinosa
Billing - Nelia Hernandez

Financial assistance programs:

Charity and Indigent Programs are available to those who qualify. Contact Naomi Espinosa or Shari Spittler, RN for an application or a screening to see if you are potentially eligible.


Iraan General Hospital District Indigent Health Care:

MISSION: Iraan General Hospital District shall endeavor to coordinate the delivery of basic health care services to eligible residents, as outlined in the Texas Health and Safety Code, the Texas Constitution, and /or any other controlling statute or law. IGHD may provide any basic health care services, but only to the extent that it is financially able to do so. The Indigent program is intended to assist needy, eligible residents, who do not qualify for other state or federal health care assistance programs, in receiving necessary health care services.

MEDICALLY INDIGENT: A medically indigent person is an individual who, because of family, financial or other circumstances, cannot be reasonably expected to pay hospital, or clinic bills. To be eligible and individual must meet the basic income and resources requirements adopted by the hospital district and complete the application process.


1. Iraan General Hospital District (IGHD) will comply with the legislation that created the District as well as the Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act regarding treatment of indigent patients.

2. All residents of Iraan General Hospital District are eligible to apply for assistance under this program without regard to race, creed, age, color, national origin, sex or physical handicap.

3. IGHD residents may apply for financial assistance with expenses incurred within the District from Iraan General Hospital or Iraan Clinic.

4. To the extent allowed by law, IGHD is a payor of last resort and shall provide assistance only if other adequate public or private sources of payment are not available. Individuals who apply for indigent care funding must have exhausted all other sources of financial assistance from social programs, third party programs or other assistance programs,they may be potentially eligible for.

5. IGHD will utilize the eligibility criteria guidelines forms, and appeal process as outlined in the County Indigent Health Care Program unless otherwise defined by this policy. Applicants may resubmit an application at any time circumstances justify a redetermination of eligibility.

6. IGHD shall endeavor to coordinate the delivery of basic health care services to eligible residents as outlined in the Texas Health and Safety Code, the Texas Constitution, and /or any other controlling statute or law. IGHD may provide any basic health care services that it was not providing on January 1, 1999, but only to the extent that it is financially able to do so.

1. A Household's Monthly net income is determined and verified using the CIHCP Monthly income standards and Guidelines at 21% .

2. Fair market value of the automobile is exempt if less than or equal to $4,650.00 for each vehicle, regardless of the number of vehicles owned by the household.

ADMINISTRATION OF THE PROGRAM: The Iraan General Hospital District Indigent Health Program will be administrated by the hospital CEO and/or his or her designate. Clients are assured of confidentiality of both financial and medical information.

CRITERIA: Individuals who apply for indigent care funding must exhaust all other resources of financial assistance including state, federal, public or other assistance programs they may potentially be eligible for. If an applicant is potentially eligible for any of these assistance programs, they will need to complete that assistance/ application process, in addition to the Indigent application. The Indigent eligibility decision will be "pended" until a decision of acceptance or denial is received from any or all other assistance programs the individual may be eligible for. An applicant is required to sign a written statement in which the applicant swears to the truth of the information supplied. The County shall follow the Texas Health and Safety Code Guidelines to minimize the opportunity for fraud. Individuals who knowingly and intentionally fail to provide truthful information given in the application process, may be subject to reimbursement, penalties or even denial of future services, as listed in those guidelines.

APPEAL PROCESS: Any denial of application for indigent health care reimbursement may be appealed. An appeal may occur within 30 days by the household submitting another application to have eligibility re-determined. The household may appeal the denial, or the district may choose to re-open a denied application. If either party disagrees with the appeal decision, that party can request another hearing through the Texas Department of Health's Program Resource Coordinator for this region, by filing Form 106 within twenty-one days of the decision. Their indigent health care policy department will review the situation and issue a decision within 30 days of the request. If an applicant chooses to receive services while an appeal is in progress, and the appeal also deems the applicant is ineligible, the applicant is responsible for the cost of all services received.

DISCLAIMER: Any issue not directly addressed by this document will require administrative review and approval by the hospital CEO or may be submitted to the Iraan General Hospital District Board of Directors for approval.

The Iraan General Hospital District has the right to amend or modify the eligibility and payment protocol guidelines by approval of the Board of Directors. The public will be notified if a less restrictive process or procedure is adopted.

IGHD Indigent Health Care Plan/Policy approved and adopted by IGHD Board of Directors.